029 – How to deal with hunger when on a diet

Posted on 1st March 2019

In this week’s episode, Chris and Sharif get into the all important topic of how to manage that annoying and sometimes de-railing feeling of hunger, when calories are low and you’re trying to lose some bodyfat.

Without question, the biggest killer of any ‘diet’ or fat loss plan is hunger. Most people can put up with a degree of lacklustre energy and impeded gym performance that diets sometimes bring, but being hungry on a consistent basis will lead to overeating episodes, even in the most disciplined of people.

This episode covers:

– Is hunger a good or bad thing on a diet and how much hunger is acceptable?

– How to conceptualise hunger and use it to your advantage psychologically.

– What meal timing strategies work best to mitigate hunger. (hint, it’s not little and often.)

– Exact foods and drinks that have special properties to actually blunt hunger acutely to tide you over onto that next meal.

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