014 – How to look great naked and learn from our mistakes

Posted on 27th July 2018

This week’s podcast is all about helping you look great naked and learn from our mistakes.

We understand just how frustrating it is when you seem to be trying your hardest to get yourself in great shape but nothing seems to be working out the way you’ve been promised.

Jumping between ridiculous ‘Muscle Mag’ training plans because we weren’t getting results fast enough.

Cutting out entire food groups and being miserable because we couldn’t eat our favourite foods.

Punishing ourselves unnecessarily in the gym with no idea where we were going.

Listening to Big Les’ advice just because he had good arms but actually had no idea what he was talking about.

Spinning our wheels and kidding ourselves we were seeing results but ultimately getting absolutely nowhere with our physique goals…

Spending lots and lots of money of unnecessary supplements that definitely don’t make any difference.

Trust us when we say we’ve been there and done it so we want to make sure you guys don’t make the same mistakes.

If any of the above rings true with you, get this in your ears and move yourself forward.

Cut the Crap. Burn the Fat. Live Better.

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