012 – Our top ten foods for fat loss

Posted on 13th July 2018

A question we both get asked a lot is just what foods people should be eating when it comes to losing body fat.

We’ve discussed the importance of understanding energy balance time and time again and you know what you put in your mouth vs what you burn off matters most when it comes to looking great naked but people STILL want a list of specific foods that are the golden ticket to the body of their dreams.

Never one’s to disappoint, in this podcast we reveal all.

What you should be eating. What you should be drinking. We even get into when and how you should do it so after listening to this, you really can’t have any excuses.

Short. Sharp. As always, to the point. Get this in your ears if you want to find out about our top ten foods for fat loss and move yourself forward.

Cut the Crap. Burn the Fat. Live Better.

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