Cut The Crap. Burn The Fat. Live Better.

Cut The Crap. Burn The Fat. Live Better.

By Chris Robson and Sharif Lawton

The definitive guide to improving your body and upgrading your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for the perfect read to kickstart your self improvement journey then congratulations, you’ve found it.

Five chapters of no nonsense, no waffle, easy to understand and easy to implement tips, techniques and strategies to help you sort out your health, improve your mindset and upgrade your lifestyle.

We cover goal setting, goal getting, setting yourself up to win on a daily basis, morning routines, building relationships, visualisation, losing body fat, understanding and improving your nutrition, structuring an effective exercise routine that actually works and that will help you to look great naked, remaining consistent in pursuit of your goals and generally feeling happier and bringing your very best self to the table on a daily basis.

Everyone that’s read it says it’s excellent.

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